Farmer House

Single-family house Beskidy 900m2

The residence is designed by the best architects from Katowice. A beautiful residence in the Beskids on a beautiful mountainous plot where investors plan to set up a sheep farm. Hence the name of the house.

A residence in the Beskids is a project based on a spatial composition of cuboidal solids, which fully utilize the terrain’s potential. The extensive building structure consists of two separate en suites for children and parents, which ensure both privacy for residents and unlimited access to beautiful views. Both parts are connected with a common part – the third unit, where the domestic life is centralized. The form of the object is the mutual relations of white, minimalist blocks with large glazing.

A characteristic part of the house is a huge garage hidden under the residential part, in which there is an exposition area connected with the work  and relaxation zone that brings satisfaction from the collection. The private exhibition houses several luxury cars.

An interesting element is also the fact that investors enter the hidden garage through the entrance located under the surface of water.

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