Glass House

Residence Katowice 340m2

Residence GlassHouse

The cascading volume, though full of raw concrete, gives the impression of lightness. A characteristic of the two-level house is not only the impression of lightness, but even levitation. Moreover, the idea of two-level has been repeated also in the two-level water reservoir flowing down like a waterfall that surrounds the house.

The house has been located on a charming plot, in a great location, from where it is close to the city center. At the same time, it is in the vicinity of the forest, which could not be overlooked when designing the glazing. The wall of the forest looks into the interior through large glass panels.

Entrance zone illuminated by a skylight in the roof that breaks the cube in two. However, not only does the skylight perform this function here. Especially during long, cold evenings you can experience warming light flowing from a specially designed fireplace opposite the entrance.

A beautiful element of the interior are also white stairs made of corian, which look as if they have no support. And in addition to softening the rawness of concrete above the kitchen and dining area on the ceiling, the wood texture has been imprinted.

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