Beton House

Residence Katowice 502m2

Residence Beton House

Minimalism in a concrete version. Implementation of the project is the fulfillment of our dreams. We have designed the house to take full advantage of the southern side of the plot. Large glazing, sliding windows allow us to constantly interact with the surrounding nature.

In front of the south glass façade we have designed a large “reflex” – a shallow water reservoir, which has the task of reflecting light rays into the interior of the house, which, dancing on the ceiling, create an extraordinary atmosphere.

It may take a long time to observe the water creating waves when the wind blows, or dancing “bunnies” on the walls and ceiling. During winter, we have a rink here for the joy of our three daughters.

This house is our first such project. Thanks to Beton House, we felt amazing pleasure in creating and realizing the dreams of our clients.

Before, as we have been searching for our true passion in architecture, getting involved in many various projects, and cooperations, we had been working in different areas of architecture. Among them there are large-surface buildings, stores and shopping centers that we had created.

Nevertheless, the concrete and minimalism appeared to be the main theme leading us through architecture, which is clearly visible in our further realizations and design.

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